1 END USER: Saudi Electric Company (SEC) - Saudi Arabia
  MAIN CONTRACTOR: Automation Solution Saudi Arabia (ASSA) subsidiary of TAMIMI
  PROJECT: Crude & HFO Metering System Up-gradation with 30” Bi-directional prover
  LOCATION: Rabigh & Shoaiba near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  ROLE OF PIE: Design, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning & Start-up.

2 END USER: Saudi Aramco Total Refinery Project (SATORP)
  MAIN CONTRACTOR: Progetti Europa & Global S.p.A.
  PROJECT: Refined product (Diesel, Jet-A, RBOB/Naptha, & Gasoline) metering Systems with Bi-directional prover for each metering system Bi-directional prover Calibration
  LOCATION: Zamil Steel Process Equipment Division, Dammam Industrial City II, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
  ROLE OF PIE: Project Coordination, Fabrication workshop management & Site installation.

3 END USER: Sonatrach Anadarko
  PROJECT: Metering system maintenance & Calibration services for Master Prover as well as Field provers.
  LOCATION: Hassi Berkine & El Mark, Algeria
  ROILE OF PIE & MCS: Calibration services for Master Prover as well as Field Provers along with Commissioning support.Troubleshoot and Improvement in existing Metering system.

4 END USER: Sonatrach Anadarko
  PROJECT: El Mark Metering system & Bi-directional prover
  ROILE OF MCS: Commissioning, Start-up of metering systems along with calibration of three bi-directional provers.
  LOCATION: El Mark, Algeria.