A metering system often needs to be integrated into a corporate management system. Also there are often certain logic and control operations required to ensure correct operation, accurate metering, safety and reliability.

Every metering system whether for crude oil, natural gas, condensate or refined product will require the use of flow computers. The flow computers, as their name suggest, compute various important analytical and fiscal information utilising information gathered from the transducers and instrumentation installed in and around the Flow Metering skid. The PIE Group can either integrate industry standard flow computers equipment including OMNI 6000 and Flo Boss S600 or we can provide our own flow computer equipment depending upon the requirements of the specific customer.

The metering supervisory system is an industrial control system, usually comprising of a computer server, operator station, PLC and other ancillary equipment. This monitors and controls the metering system and provides electronic metering data for corporate use, e.g. billing.

The PIE Group provides flexible and comprehensive automation systems to support day-to-day site operation