Main activities includes:

  • All type of Field Instruments Specifications including Control Valves, ESD valves
  • DCS / Foundation Field Bus Control System / PLC (ESD) Specifications & Engineering>
  • Control System Upgrade Engineering
  • Automation of manually running plant
  • Engineering for Well Head Automation (Steam, Gas Injection Well / Oil Producer Well / Water well)
  • Engineering for Plant Revamp / Plant Expansion
  • Instrument Index, I/O List
  • Functional Logic Diagrams, Cause & Effect Diagrams
  • Loop Diagrams, Panel / JB Termination drawings
  • Hook up diagrams, MTO
  • Cable Layout
  • Instrument Layout
  • Cable / JB schedule
  • Providing assistance while Hazop review & IPF session
  • IPF closeout report (as per client’s requirement)
  • Control valve sizing, Orifice bore calculation
  • Vendor document Review
  • Evaluation of Vendor’s offer & selection of Field Instruments, Control systems, ESD Valves
  • Evaluation & Engineering of Vendor packages such as pumps, Compressors (both fixed & variable speeds), HV / LV rotating equipments (for Control System including Machine Monitoring System), Utility packages
  • Providing assistance while pre-commissioning & commissioning
  • Hands on experience with control systems of different make
  • As-Built documents

PIE have their own specialized Instrumentation and Automation TEAM to provide services in the field of Instrumentation, Liquid/Gas Flow Metering Skid, Control Systems Engineering, Design, Consultancy, Field services and other related engineering services. We have specialized group to provide Flow Metering Engineering as well as Commissioning, DCS / ESD Engineering and upgrade solutions, PLC/SCADA/HMI hardware/software solutions and site services.


Apart from the activities listed above, under Turnkey project & as per client’s requirement PIE shall attend to the Supply of Field & Panel Instruments, Liquid / Gas Flow metering skid.


Erection/ Installation of Fields & Panel Instrument/ Systems, PLC DCS RTU’s Telecommunication Equipments Such as Paging Modules, Fire & Gas Detection Elements/ Monitoring & Control System, HVAC Interlocks, Emergency Shut-down, Calibrations, Loop Checks, Commissioning or Commissioning Assistance.


Annual maintenance of all kinds of Instruments Installations such as Field & Panel Instruments systems, PLC,DCS Paging Modules Fire and Gas Detection/Control System, Calibration.


Shutdown Maintenance of All kinds Instruments, Control Panels Including Planning Procurement, Execution, Calibration, Testing and re-commissioning.


Operation Contracts for All kinds of Instruments and Panels Required for Running the plants / Control Rooms on 24*7 Basis


PIE Undertakes commissioning assistance with its specialized manpower. Your Partner for various and specific operations involved in the commissioning and start-up of plants.

PIE can offer following service:-

  • Prepare Commissioning and Start up manuals
  • Pre-Commissioning Management
  • Deputation of Pre-Commissioning Specialist
  • Witness of Instrumentation calibration, Hydro Testing, Pipe flushing etc.
  • Testing equipments
  • Start Run Activities
  • Test Run and also initial phase of operation of field plant.

Functions of the Electrical Department include determination of electrical system requirements and design of one line diagrams, selection of equipment wiring, and materials of construction for electrical and electronic instrument systems, and preparation of specifications, data sheets, construction drawings, bills of material, and requisitions for electrical system equipment.

Major documents produced by the Electrical Department include the following:

  • Job specifications
  • Job site information survey
  • Hazardous Area classification drawings
  • Single-line diagrams
  • Demolition drawings and temporary hook-up and terminations
  • Design of power distribution system, Protective Relaying and lighting systems
  • Alarm and shutdown schematics
  • Design of grounding and lightning protection systems
  • Alarm and shutdown schematics
  • Design of grounding and lightning protection systems
  • Specifications and requisitions for electrical equipment and bulk material items
  • Electrical wiring diagrams
  • Control diagrams for motors, alarms and special controls, in conjunction with control systems
  • Power consumer users list


Apart from the activities listed above, under Turnkey project & as per client’s requirement PIE shall attend to the supply of Panels, PLC, SCADA Software for Power Monitoring / Main & D. G Power Synchronization, AC Drives, Lighting Distribution System, UPS, Light Fixtures, Distribution Boards, Earthing Materials, Flame Proof / Weather Proof Enclosures, PB Stations, Junction Boxes, Cable Trays, Cables, Glands, Street Lights & Poles, Etc.


M.C.C. Panels, Transformers, Switchgear, Motors, AC Drives, VFD Drives, PLC, SCADA Software, UPS, Power & Lighting Distribution Boards Lighting Fixtures, Push Button Stations, Cable Trays & Supports, Junction Boxes, Fip/Weatherproof Enclosures, Conduits, Wiring, termination, Earthing Strips, Earthing Pits, Lightning Arrestors, Rising Mains Etc.


Annual Maintena>nce of all kind of Electrical Installations such as HT / LT Switch Gears, Transformers, Generators, UPS, Control Panels, Lighting Systems, Fire Alarm System. HVAC, AC / DC Drives, etc.

  • Complete process design package preparation, including:
  • - Design basis
  • - Alternatives evaluation/feasibility study
  • - Mass and energy balance computer simulations
  • - Process flow diagrams
  • - Process control diagrams
  • - Equipment specifications
  • - Piping and instrumentation diagrams
  • - Equipment plot plans
  • - Equipment List, Line List, Instrument List, Motor List etc.
  • - Summaries for Utilities, Flare Load, Effluent, Battery Limit conditions etc.
  • Hands on experience with Process software like UNISYM, ASPEN etc.
  • Process computer simulation
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Technical and economic process alternatives evaluation
  • Conceptual process design
  • Detail process design
  • Vendor technical and cost proposal evaluation
  • Process control system design
  • Design Reviews and facilitations
  • HAZOP reviews and facilitation