The PIE Group provides dedicated skid mounted sampling and analysis systems. An integral part of metering is knowing exactly what is flowing through in your pipe. Pressure, temperature and viscosity all give an indication of the conditions and the product, but analysis will tell you its composition, its properties and will help you fine tune the metering.


We can also provide full liquid sampling and analysis packages suitable for use with fiscal oil metering systems. These can include mixing, sampling, water and oil measurement, viscosity, vapour pressure, sand etc. Systems can be tailored to individual requirements of the client.



We provide gas analysis packages suitable for use with fiscal gas metering systems. Analysis of C1-C12, CO2, H2S, Oxygen, Dew point and other components is available depending on each particular application’s needs. All packages are supplied fully equipped with gas chromatographs, samplers, purging systems, data loggers and complete sub-systems to serve multiple lines and sampling points.